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Meet our Neighbors: The Larry

We have so many amazing local businesses that we are lucky to share this spirited Warehouse District of Downtown Phoenix with! This week we’re showcasing our neighbors down the street, The Larry. They are a thriving part of this Downtown Phoenix area and have taken one of the many historic buildings into an awesome business to support this growing neighborhood. We have even partnered with them for our couples and clients to be able to have a rehearsal dinner the night before, for a similar ambiance and right down the street from your venue!

Learn a little bit more about The Larry & meet Maddie, the Private Event Sales Manager.

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Tell us a little about The Larry, what makes it so unique?

The Larry was conceptualized to fill a void of food and beverage in the Warehouse District. We created a concept that could be a little bit of everything while still feeling like it didn’t lose it’s identity. We wanted it to be more than an office cafe but instead a full-fledged restaurant and destination. The menu spans from pizza to sushi along with some fun, unique dishes in between. We also like to keep things fresh so we change our menu seasonally and offer daily specials!

How did it get its name?

The Larry was named after the original name of the building we are in, The Lawrence Building. An original sign was found during construction with the proper name. During creative design meetings with the building owners, we threw out the name, The Larry. We agreed that if we finalized the name, they would brand the building The Lawrence Building once again. The yellow signage out front was hung before we even opened.

What’s your favorite thing about the Warehouse District and this lively Downtown Community?

Our favorite thing about the Warehouse District is the preservation of the building to maintain the history. We are also excited about the future of the growing business in the area. We hope to see some additional food and beverage down this way!

Tell us a little about your private events.

Not only do we have the unique space of The Larry and Lawrence Lobby but we also have a great partnership with Galvanize and the other tenants of The Lawrence and have the pleasure of catering events throughout the building. In one week we could have a small six person lunch meeting, a 300-person holiday party and a 50-person rehearsal dinner.

Do you customize menus for private events?

We do! The Larry is unique and we know our clients’ events are unique so our Chefs will curate and customize menus for those events. However, our Chefs also create seasonal and standard menus for all of our clients to choose from if they are looking for something experiential and adventurous but still pretty turn-key.

What is your favorite dish at The Larry?

The Fried Chicken Sammy! It has hot honey, pimiento cheese, creamy slaw and comes on a buttermilk bun. Chef Malone is known for his fried chicken and that combination of spice and sweet, crunchy and creamy really takes it to another level.

What’s your favorite thing about Warehouse 215?

Like the rest of the Warehouse District. Warehouse 215 preserved an old building and made it an amazing, unique events space. It’s a beautiful, romantic and artful space with so much potential – an event planner’s dream!

The Larry Phoenix Event Venue AZ

Contact them for more information here, and contact our team today to set up a tour of our venue in this amazing neighborhood!

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