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Micro Weddings – Planning the Menu

It’s no secret – we love Warehouse 215 Micro Weddings!

Our romantically industrial space is the perfect fit for an intimate wedding. Having a Micro Wedding with your nearest & dearests provides you with extra flexibility in so many ways. It lets you be more flexible for available dates, planning less in advance, and the most amazing – extra budget for fun ideas! While planning the décor is always the most fun, Micro Weddings allow you to dazzle with your menu, too! Here’s some fun ideas to incorporate:

Keep it Casual

Micro Weddings grazing table corner

(Atlasta Catering)

Opt for a more casual menu like a grazing table or charcuterie board! Companies have been doing the cutest individual charcuterie cones that would be perfect for a cocktail hour! Harvest + Thyme

charcuterie cones

(Harvest + Thyme)

Go the Extra Mile

holiday parties grab and go salad

(Artisan by Santa Barbara)

Have a full course meal! With fewer guests, you can splurge a little on the extra menu items. Make it something fun like a grab & go salad wall to truly wow your guests.

Love is Sweet

If you are looking for something unique, an intimate guest count allows for hassle-free options like mini individual cakes. Add in some other showstoppers – like a dessert cart!

dessert cart

(Cruisin’ Creamery)

Set the Bar

champagne bar cart shot at phoenix event venue warehouse 215

Have a little extra fun for your bar menu, too! Provide guests with a special experience carried over to the bar. Warehouse 215 has our liquor license, and our staff will work with you to personalize your package & add a unique touch to your day. Some of our favorites are to add an adorable beverage cart, specialty craft cocktail, or SipMi edible drink toppers that you can customize!

Customized Drink Toppers Micro Weddings

(Couple of Bartenders)

Read more about these ideas & lots more here. Ready to plan your perfect day with us? Contact us today!


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