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Bentley Project’s new rental space!

We are SO excited to announce Warehouse 215’s new rental space addition, The Alcove at Bentley Projects.

Warehouse 215’s new rental space addition, The Alcove at Bentley Projects

The rental space has always been such an amazing room filled with the wonderful same character of Downtown Phoenix’s Warehouse District in a more moderate size.

New rental venue Phoenix


Designed for groups 60 or less, it has been used for so many events and photo ops and now is officially rent-able! It is an absolutely perfect venue for wedding pictures, baby or bridal showers. As well as business meetings, workshops, rehearsal dinners, photo or video shoots, and so much more!

venue for unforgettable wedding showers, baby showers, birthday parties, anniversary parties, lunch meetings, presentations, photo or film shoots, and more.

Now you can have the same feel of Downtown in a 2,500 square feet of flexible space with AC. It features spacious white walls for projecting. Also it has a wonderful historic building’s charms like brick wall and curved glass windows!

This unique, full-service event venue is filled with original brick walls, converted into modern, multi-functional space.

We are looking forward to planning with you in this central location right in Downtown. And with tons of Phoenix’s best restaurants, hotels, and nightlife just minutes away!

Warehouse 215’s Phoenix new event rental venue addition, The Alcove at Bentley Projects

Contact us here for your next event at The Alcove!

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