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NYE at Warehouse 215

New Year's Eve Wedding
New Year Weddings

What a year! I think it’s safe to say that we are all looking forward to a this upcoming new year. As we gear up for NYE, we’re taking a look back at one of our favorite end of year weddings.

Ideas for New Years Eve Weddings

This New Year’s Eve wedding was Art Deco themed, and beautifully detailed by the talented Stylish Events by Lisa. Ryan & Celena celebrated their beautiful day in our industrial Downtown Phoenix Venue which was perfect for the theme.

The couple had an evening ceremony, and a beautiful Art Deco backdrop.

New Year's Wedding Ideas
New Years Eve Wedding Colors

Cocktail hour was hosted on the patio, with perfect greenery & gold art deco touches throughout the whole event.

New Year Wedding Theme
New Year's Centerpieces Ideas

Their reception was just as magical, with each table being named after a vintage cocktail with beautiful centerpieces.

New Years Eve Wedding Decorations
New Years Eve Wedding Venues

New Years Eve Wedding Locations

The bride had planned an extra special surprise for the reception which we loved! Celena & Ryan shared an inside joke about Taylor Swift, and she surprised him with a performance of one of her songs!! It was amazingly sweet and completely priceless – Ryan loved it!

New Years Eve Wedding Venues
New Years Eve Wedding Venues

The party brought in the New Year with confetti, dancing, and love. Happy Anniversary, Ryan & Celena, and a Happy New Year!

New Year Wedding Theme


Stylish Events by Lisa

The Hoskins Photography

Atlasta Catering & Event Concepts

Starz Entertainment

Bright Event Rentals

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