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Phoenix: One of Top 10 Best Cities for Start-Ups

Even though we already know that Phoenix is AH-MAZING and always growing, it’s great when the city is recognized and it has recently been named one of the Top 10 best cities for start-ups by Commercial Cafe! Since Phoenix is such a growing city, here’s a couple of reasons why:

Housing affordability: Out of all the Top 10 best cities in the list Phoenix was at the head of the group in 3rd

Millennial growth: Having lots of millennials in Phoenix and having that growing makes it perfect for young people looking to get into start-ups, and Phoenix came in 5th!

Start-up Survival Rate: An important part of success and long term business, Phoenix is 6th in the list!

Across all of the country, it’s amazing that Phoenix was recognized in the Top 10 for Start-ups! All information found over at AZ Big Media

See the original article and other cities that made the list at Commercial Cafe

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