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Vendor Highlight – Butterfly Petals

Phoenix Venue: Vendor Highlight butterfly petals

Photo by: Brittany Hogan Photography

An exceptional florist is a true artist. That is what we love about Mandi Johnson and her business, Butterfly Petals. As soon as you meet Mandi, you can instantly tell this is her true passion. She goes above and beyond for her clients, while also creating a beautiful, unique floral design for weddings and events. Let’s learn a bit more about Mandi and Butterfly Petals!



Phoenix Venue: Vendor Highlight – Tell us a little bit about your business


We are a wedding and special events florist specializing in desert-centric and funky designs.


Phoenix Venue: Vendor Highlight florist table arrangement

Photo by: Kym Ventola


How did you get started in the industry?


I worked at a floral shop in college after helping my grandma in her crafts store as a kid. She had a silk wedding flowers business I would help with and it led me to the shop. I was going to ASU to be a journalist and had some freelance writing work after graduation. I got married right out of college and started my family–when my daughter came along I wanted something slightly more stable than freelance writing but didn’t want to enter the work world and pay for daycare we couldn’t afford. When I tried to find part time florist work and couldn’t so I decided to focus on the thing I always loved…weddings and started a studio out of my home in Queen Creek in 2005. Now we are on full-service studio number three here in Tempe with a team of people and lots of events each year.


Phoenix Venue: Vendor Highlight flower ornament

Photo by: BNLOVE Studio


Tell us about one of your favorite events that you’ve worked


I have a few memorable ones where the couples were just really amazing and special. We also had an outdoor wedding at the Desert Botanical Garden in 2013 when we had one of those weird fall hurricanes blow in from Mexico. I’ve never seen it rain that hard ever. We had to, on the fly, create an indoor ceremony but make it “feel” like the out of doors. Then we cut down eucalyptus from my parents’ yard in the pouring rain and used it to cover a metal chuppah frame rented at the last minute. We had to do all this assembly in the dark because it was raining and storming so badly, the power was completely out at the garden.


Phoenix Venue: Vendor Highlight bride

Photo by: Jamie Allio


Where do you find ideas and inspiration?


I’m an Arizona native and I find most of my inspiration from the desert around us. I always want to salvage weird cacti and figure out what floral will stay happy in arrangements if I cut it out of my yard or steal it from my neighbors’ 🙂


Phoenix Venue: Vendor Highlight

Photo by: Carmela Joy Photography


What do you love about Warehouse 215?


I am a huge fan of old buildings. They’re so rare here in Phoenix considering most of the buildings here are new construction. The exposed beams, the ancient brick–it’s amazing. I also LOVE the light in the building and how it changes throughout setup. It makes the flowers look amazing!



Book an appointment with Mandi and her team today!

(480) 882-2436


Facebook: @butterflypetalsaz

Instagram: @butterflypetals


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