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Planning a Live Band for Your Reception

Live bands are so much fun, and we love having them at Warehouse 215! Our venue has more than enough space to accommodate their set up for an amazing event! Here’s a couple of helpful tips for planning a live band for your wedding reception!

Music Bands for Weddings
Musicians for a Wedding

See if you can see them at a gig beforehand!

A great date night idea, and lets you see what their live performance would be like


Ask if they can play a range of different music for all guests

It’s always great to have a mix of fun current songs as well as timeless classics for all ages


Do they take requests?

A fun way to have guests interact throughout the night, some bands might take requests!


Will they be taking over as MC for the night?
It’s important to plan with your band for any mic needs for toasts, grand entrances, etc or if you will be needing a separate vendor.


More tips can be found at the original post at OneFabDay! Either way you plan it, be prepared to dance all night with the help of a fun live band!

Live Band for Wedding Reception
Live Wedding Bands

Ready to start planning your day in our Industrial Downtown Phoenix Venue? Contact us today! 

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