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Prom Season 2020

Our heart breaks for all of the students having to miss out on Prom this year due to COVID-19. At Warehouse 215, we always look forward to hosting all of our Proms here at our venue. With such a central location in Downtown Phoenix, our venue makes for such a unique and special space for Proms. Our exposed brick walls, polished concrete floors that are perfect for dancing. And huge steel doors serve as reminders of Warehouse 215’s industrial past. While allowing for mingling and having fun getting ready for your future at the last celebration of the school year. We know that for students, having a Prom is so important because it leaves you with those special memories. For your class to talk about for years to come and look back on. We are hoping to still be able to give students that magical Prom night in our beautiful space.

If you know a student who was looking forward to attending their 2020 prom. And now are unable to due to COVID-19, please have them join in our Facebook group we are starting! We are exploring the possibility of hosting a few proms later this summer. This is, of course, only once public events have gotten the ok to resume. We are trying to connect with as many junior and senior students as possible to ensure the make-up Proms are successful. So please share this post to help get the word out there!

Prom COVID-19 Season 2020 Invite your junior and senior classmates

Click here to join in on the planning!

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