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Real WH215 Event : Holiday Party

Event party It’s crazy to think that it is almost the holiday season! Although we Phoenicians don’t experience the typical snowy season, there’s never any shortage of holiday spirit. We love holiday parties here at Warehouse 215, and this week’s blog will be highlighting one of our favorite holiday party from last season. Each holiday party customizes our space & puts their own unique twist in it, and Alliance filled their party with classic holiday charm.

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The decor was beautifully done with a rustic holiday theme, with gorgeous garland, pine greenery, and this incredible wood bar! They also customized their drink package with us to make a delicious holiday welcome drink for attendees.

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Artisan by Santa Barbara catered the holiday party event, and the beautiful decor was carried throughout all aspects – even the stunning food stations. One of our favorites from Santa Barbara is this amazing salad wall, always a crowd pleaser!

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Guests were greeted into the award ceremony presentation, where our white walls work perfect for any projection needs!

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After the awards, everyone mingled on our patio to enjoy the beautiful Arizona weather!

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The gorgeous lighting, music, & appetizer spread was the perfect setting to kick off the celebration!

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One of our favorite parts of the night?! Bright provided the chalkboard wall where everyone could write a lovely message throughout the evening. Such a fun & interactive idea!

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They also handed out favors & everyone got to relax and enjoy the company, exactly what the holidays are for.

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Wanting to treat your employees for a unique space to host your holiday party? Contact our team to start planning today!


Catering: Artisan by Santa Barbara

Rentals: Bright Event Rentals & Y-Not Event Rentals 

Photographer: Keith & Melissa Photography 

Florals: Chasing Bliss

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