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Real WH215 Wedding: Alysha & Tommy

It’s officially fall in Phoenix & there are few things we love more than a fall wedding. This week on the blog we’re taking a look back at one lovely couple who got married here last October. Tommy & Alysha were so adorable, and had plenty of personal touches that made their day extra special!

wedding event in backyard arizona
Fall Wedding Cake

The room was filled with our uplights in the color Amber, which made the fall warmth even better! The couple also added our bistro sting light for extra sparkle behind their cake table.

Fall Wedding Table Decorations Ideas
Fall Wedding Decorations Ideas

Throughout the room were small touches like pumpkins for the full fall effect, and our favorite of their wedding decor?! They put the cutest little mini dinosaurs, a favorite of the couple, inside of our glass orbs! How cute?!

Wedding Themes for Fall
Wedding Cake Design

The ceremony in Bay 2 was perfect, and the bride’s father custom made their wedding arch which made it even more beautiful.

Fall Wedding Arch
Autumn Themed Wedding
Small Wedding Ideas for Fall
Autumn Wedding

After the couple said their I Do’s, they took pictures right outside our venue for special moments in Downtown Phoenix.

Wedding Ideas for Fall
Fall Wedding Photos
Simple Fall Wedding Bouquets
Fall Wedding Decor

The couple had their head table all along our brick table, and enjoyed the reception with all of their loved ones!

Fall Wedding Reception
Wedding Reception Ideas for Fall
Fall Wedding Venues

After dinner, they re-used the ceremony room in Bay 2 as a large dance floor to dance the night away!

Autumn Wedding Dresses
Fall Wedding Party

We were so thrilled to be a part of this amazing couples wedding, and we are wishing them the happiest anniversary!

Wedding Colors For Fall

Want to start planning your Fall Wedding decor here with us at Warehouse 215? Contact our team today so that we can help you celebrate your special day.


Photography: @loveplusyouandi
Florist: @rootandanther
Caterer: @atlastacatering ⁠

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