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Send Off Favorites!

We love an epic send off, and there are so many fun ways to do it! We have been rounding up some of our favorite send offs from Warehouse 215 couples, and check out these ideas for planning your wedding!

Sparkler Exit

couple send off party event Sparkler
renting event space AZ Sparkler Exit

The ever popular sparkler send off! It is such a beautiful way to end the night and let your love shine!

Bubble Exit

bubble exit
wedding confetti

A little bubbles & bubbly on the way out! This is such a unique option, and one couple had a fun little bubble send off with their family & friends that looked so amazing!

Ride in Style

ride in style send offs
married couple kissing


A perfect Downtown Phoenix getaway. Use a pedal cab to take off in style at the end of your day! You can even have a cute shuttle like Ollie the Trolley!


We can’t wait to help you get started on planning your day, contact our team today!

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