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DTPHX Small Business Support

Now more than ever, it’s so important to show support to the small businesses here in Downtown Phoenix. And DTPHX has started a “Buy & Fly” program for getting some awesome free merch for supporting a local small business!

Now that we are all slowly getting back into our new normal and the DTPHX Clean & Green Team has been on top of disinfecting high touch points, we are looking forward to going to support all of our favorite small business that make the spirit of Downtown Phoenix so incredible!

Check out the list of participating businesses and go show your support! Purchases of $25 to $49.99 will receive a free DTPHX Bird tote bag and purchases of $50 or more receive a free DTPHX Bird t-shirt or dad hat, and here’s a FAQ guide for more help!

All images and more information found over at DTPHX.org.

Love Downtown and want to have your event in the center of it all? Contact us today for help you hold your event at our venue!

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