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The Different Types of Small Weddings in Downtown Phoenix

With all the uncertainty right now, more and more couples are choosing to have smaller & more intimate weddings/ceremonies and there are plenty of great perks of having that in the moment rather than a large ceremony. With the need for smaller gatherings and more physical distance. Our venue’s large flexible space filled with lots of charm and character makes it perfect for those events. Having less guests often means more in the budget for decorations and special touches. The Very Last Detail’s blog outlined the different types of small weddings that can help couples still celebrate now! Take a look at the types:


Elopement ceremony in Arizona

Elopements generally only involve the couple, officiant, photographer, and possibly one or two very close family/friends as a witness. Usually it is ceremony only, and the couple is able to take fun photo ops and say ‘I Do,’ with the the option to not postpone the vows and still be able to have a large reception at a later date. Check out our past posts on Elopements at Warehouse 215 and fun Downtown Ideas to add to it.

Micro Weddings

small wedding venues arizona

Micro weddings are a little bit of a bigger celebration, with up to 30 guests being a part of your day. It’s usually a quick ceremony followed by a toast with cake, then some first dances, and ending with a fun send off. Micro weddings usually last about an hour or two, and afterwards guests can typically grab a drink together at one of the many incredible restaurants/bars right outside our door. Our more cost effective day time rental, The Alcove, has the perfect charm for you to add your décor and style while having a memorable celebration.

Mini Weddings

small weddings in arizona

Mini weddings are the larger celebrations of these different types, with up to 50 guests, and is more closely mirrored to a traditional ceremony/reception. It includes the typical ceremony with processional, a wedding party, meal at the venue, music/DJs, and fun dancing to celebrate. Mini weddings are typically celebrated over the course of several hours in the late afternoon/evening. And can even have an after party as well.

With Warehouse 215 being centrally located in the trendy Warehouse District of Downtown Phoenix. It is such a unique space to celebrate your love and explore all of the amazing amenities of the city! Check out more information from the original blog here, and contact us today to start planning your dream day!

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