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So Much More Than Dancing

Phoenix Wedding Venue Offer Other Activity

Photo by: Jonnie and Garrett Photography


We’ve all been to a wedding, birthday party or special occasion that was less than entertaining. You find yourself wandering, looking at your watch and possibly ordering your third cocktail to liven things up. One can only do so much dancing!


Offering a few different activities for your party keeps your guests entertained and assists with interactions between people who might not know one another. Consider your invited attendees and your theme. Gauge which activities would best compliment your event.




Karaoke will provide musical entertainment and help your guests step out of their shells a little bit, even without an alcoholic beverage!


Phoenix Wedding Venue Offer Other Activity Lawn Games

Photo found on christysports.com

Lawn Games


Cornhole (or Bags if you’re from the Midwest), Giant Jenga and Giant Yahtzee aren’t just for a backyard barbeque! Here at Warehouse 215, we actually have a few lawn game options that can be setup on our patio on a nice day or brought inside to offer a little variety just outside the dance floor.




Another group activity that doesn’t take more than a sound system and a DJ to read the questions and answers. Breaking up into teams of your best friends or even people you haven’t met yet can really bring the whole group together with good old fashioned competition!


Phoenix Wedding Venue Offer Other Activity Photo Booth

Photo Booth


These are definitely a crowd favorite. Who doesn’t want to take a bunch of silly pictures with your friends and family? We do! Which is why we offer a photo booth and props rental option. Also a good keepsake for your guests!


Phoenix Wedding Venue Offer Other Activity Casino Games

Casino Games


There are plenty of companies in the Valley you can rent portable casino tables and dealers from – Roulette, Poker, Blackjack and more. Even if you don’t have a full blown Casino Night theme, these popular games can be a fun addition to any party!


Please feel free to contact us for additional information about our rental items. We would love to show you around our beautiful venue!

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