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Fun Staycations in Central Phoenix

Warehouse 215 is located right in the heart of central Phoenix, and there are so many amazing places for a mini staycation in the city! Planning a local bachelorette party? Having a weekday wedding that will extend into the weekend? Here’s a little list of some of our favorite places in the city!

Rise Hotel / Lylo Swim Club 

Rise Hotel / Lylo Swim Club

The newest addition in Midtown Phoenix has amazing tropical vibes. Inside of Rise Hotel is Lylo Swim Club, with everything you could need to enjoy the Phoenix sun! From adorable décor, foosball games, and an adult Dole Cup drink – you & your guests will never want to leave this staycation spot!

Dole Cup drink
pink foosball games
beautiful rooftop pool
bar with small plates

One of our Warehouse 215 special hotels that have blocked room for our clients, this modern hotel is right in the heart of Cityscape right next to all of the best the city has to offer. It has a beautiful rooftop pool that doubles as a bar with small plates, and nothing beats those city views!

The Phx Paradise

Airbnb dinning with big MRS sign
happy bride on bathrobe at a Airbnb

The cutest new Airbnb in Central Phoenix is the The PHX Paradise. With a hot tub, yard games, and plenty to do around the neighborhood – this Airbnb is perfect for a mini staycation!

The Phx Paradise
Airbnb perfect for mini staycation

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