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Stress Free Planning with Warehouse 215

Wedding Locations Phoenix Couple creative shots

Photo by: Photos by Leanna

You’re engaged and loving it! Oh wait…now it’s time to actually start planning. After you let that stress set in for just a second, take a breath! It is all about progress, and simply checking one thing off of your list can make you feel so much more relaxed about the process. Our Venue Concierges at Warehouse 215 like to help diminish stress for our couples by offering personalized attention and, of course, a beautiful space for their special day!


Let’s start with some sort of a support system! Maybe that’s your fiancée, your mom or best friend. Or maybe you don’t want to hear their opinions and just want to download an app to help organize your thoughts. No one is judging! Do what’s best for you, planning should be fun, not daunting. This is an exciting time for YOU, so don’t lose sight of that.

Wedding Locations Phoenix Tablescape

Tablescape by: Event Rents AZ
Photo by: Something New Media

The number one thing to consider while planning your wedding is to make sure your chosen venue, caterer, florist, etc. are all available on your day. Try your best to coordinate your schedule with theirs and choose a day that will work for everyone. Obviously, it helps to have a little flexibility with your date, just in case!


Here at Warehouse 215, we will provide you with a list of our trusted vendors. We have a specific process for each vendor to even be considered for our list. The main criteria for the vendor to meet is to be a client-chosen vendor with us at least three previous times. This ensures an easy process for our clients when it comes to searching and choosing a photographer, florist, AV company, etc. You can rest assured that each of your vendors has been properly vetted and are actively recommended!

Wedding Locations Phoenix Elegant white Cake

Breezy Cakes – Cristina Briese’s Edible Art

After you have your favorite vendors chosen, start a checklist. There are hundreds of different website from which you can download a free wedding checklist, just to help you get started. We’re looking for the essential items here, save your wish list and décor items for your Pinterest board. This will help keep your thoughts in order instead of getting caught in a black hole of possibilities! Here are a few key things to put on your checklist:

  • Create an email address that you will use to converse with all of your vendors
  • Pick an approximate wedding date (remember: keep it flexible)
  • Guest list (stay true to your guest count, don’t invite anyone you don’t absolutely want there!)
  • Come up with a budget
  • Choose your wedding party
  • Narrow your search for any remaining vendors needed (florist, photographer, party rental company, wedding cake designer, etc.)
  • DJ or Band?
  • Shop for wedding clothing (dress and/or tux)
  • Register for gifts
  • Book a hair/makeup artist (this could be a professional or a really talented friend)
  • Design and buy wedding invites, electronic or paper
  • Send invites
Event Venue Phoenix Stress Free Planning Saying I do's

Photo by: Carrie Patricia Studios

Like I said, checking even one thing off of your list will reduce your stress tremendously. If you are still feeling a little lost or want some extra support, look into hiring a day-of coordinator to help with the little things. You want to remember this day as the best day of your life, not the most stressful. If you do choose Warehouse 215, rest assured that we will do everything we can to guide you through the process and provide the most amazing staff to assist you before and on your wedding day!

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