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How to Style Your Reception Tables

Planning a wedding has many different small pieces that build up to the main event. Picking out your theme is extremely important and leads to all the other décor choices that you’ll have to make. While this may be fun for all of you that love interior design, this aspect of planning can be time-consuming and stressful. To figure out what kind of reception tables you are wanting to go for, you must decide on your theme. From there it should be easier on yourself but just in case we found a couple tips to keep in mind when setting up what your reception tables look like.

Here are some of our styling tips for reception tables.

Lots of Color

A route for all of you brides that are wanting to keep the theme of fun and color throughout your wedding. This would work well if your colors are bright and coordinate with a beautiful spring or summer day. Some aspects of your wedding will maintain neutral in color but that shouldn’t always be your tables! This is where the guests will spend most of their time during the second half of the evening. If your bouquet is full of bright blooms, incorporate that into your centerpieces and maybe even into the napkins and place settings that you choose. There are so many avenues one could take to make the centerpieces and tables lots of fun with loads of color!

Style Your Reception Tables with lots of color

via Ruffled

Style Your Reception Tables is to keep the theme of fun and color throughout your wedding

via Chantal Lachance- Gibson

Simple and Classy

For all of you traditional and modest brides, your color scheme may be neutral so your tables should reflect that as well. Think classic bouquet with the same flowers as your bouquet and little to no additional décor. Adding more décor when your theme is elegant and light could clutter up the space. Allow for your guests to feel relaxed and at peace while enjoying the evening chatting and eating at the tables.

Style Your Reception Tables with Simple and Classy

via Paula O’Hara

Simple and Classy Reception Tables

via Inkspot Photograph

All about Fun

Going along with lots of colors, you could incorporate fun décor that coordinates well with your theme. Here’s an idea; if you have a concept like a masquerade, get your guests masks that can be placed at their seat to use during the reception and dancing portion of the evening! It matches your theme and shows your guests how much attention to detail you had when planning their event. If you have a table full of guests that are not so familiar with each other, create a fun game that they could play during the quiet points of the evening when things may get awkward. Step outside the box with this idea because it will be fun and won’t even feel like you’re planning!

 Style Your Reception Tables with All about Fun

via Hazelwood Photo

 Style Your Reception Tables creative fun games

via The Knot

Hope these tips are helpful and alleviate some of the stress of planning the reception tables. Keep an eye on our Instagram and Pinterest for even more tips and inspiration!

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