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Summer Loving

Summer is just around the corner, and our indoor venue has central air conditioning to keep your guests cool! Having a space to escape from these Phoenix summers is so important, and here’s some of our favorite summer themes to celebrate your day!

Flower crowns

summer wedding themes
summer themed wedding

Nothing like lots of florals on a summer day! Add a little flower crown to your attire for a cute seasonal touch.

Patio Nightsevent space rental phoenix

The best things about the hot summer days is a cooler night! Enjoy a little set up on our patio!

Ice Cold Snacks

dessert cart

(Cruisin’ Creamery)

Treat your guests with something they can cool off with, add a little frozen snack cart!

Sparkler Exits

renting event space AZ Sparkler Exit

Sparklers fit perfect with a summer theme, so a sparkler exit is a natural fit!

Colorful Vibes

event venues near me

                   bridal package

Nothing like a little splash of color for some summer fun! Bright tones look so epic in our space!

Make it fun by adding koozies, perfect for a cold drink in hand on a summer night.

Pampas Grass

small wedding ceremonies
Micro Wedding

Dried florals can add a little summer anytime & look so perfect in our industrial space!

Ready to plan your summer wedding here at Warehouse 215 in Downtown Phoenix? Enjoy your summer celebration and contact our team today!

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