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The Greatest Mitzvah!

We are still amazed at the epic double Mitzvah that was here at Warehouse 215. This event had everything you could imagine and MORE!Mitzvah: Epic Double Celebration

The Mitzvah was celebrating two twin sisters, and was definitely filled with double fun.

    Mitzvah was celebrating two twin sistersTwin Mitzvah

The event started outdoors with a traditional candle lighting ceremony, and then immediately after had lots of entertainment.

      outdoors with a traditional candle lighting ceremonyTraditional Candle lighting ceremony Outdoor Event

       tented into a carnival dreamMini funnel cakes and grilled cheese bites

Our outdoor parking lot was completely transformed and tented into a carnival dream, with picnic areas and tons of games to choose from! Mini funnel cakes and grilled cheese bites added to the theme as well!

         Mitzvah Carnival Dream RidesCarnival Games Skee Ball

        Break a plate carnival games Mitzvah themeCarnival Theme Mitzvah Celebration

Extra fun included tarot card reading and henna!

        tarot card readinghenna

Inside there was ah-mazing treats, even having a Dutch Bros station!

        Dutch Bros station CoffeeEvent Celebration Coffee Station

         pool hockey slide football tableglowing lounge furniture

The indoor dance floor turned into a lounge area, where the kids and adults enjoyed glow games and the lounge furniture was even glowing! Kid-friendly mocktails included an adorable Mazel Tov mocktail and there was a little something served for adults, too!

        Adult Coffee BarMazel Tov mocktail

We will never forget this unbelievable event at our venue in Downtown Phoenix! Contact us today to see the space for your next event!

Event Venue Dance Floor Downtown Phoenix AZDouble Mitzvah indoor dance floor

Venue: @warehouse215
Planner: @impacteventsaz
Photographer: @keithpitts⁣⁣
Décor: @creativeoccasionsllc
Entertainemnt: @livingenergyevents⁣
Florals: @florabella
Fun Stuff: @arizonabouncearound
Furniture: @koolpartyrentals
Rentals: @classicparty

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