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Theme Ideas for Your Bat or Bar Mitzvah

Are you tired of seeing all of the same old Bat/Bar Mitzvah ideas? After hosting many Mitzvah’s at our Phoenix Event Venue, we thought we would put together a cool blog post on fun Mitzvah ideas!

Have a Silent Disco

If you’re like us, you’ve maybe heard of a Silent Disco, but have never attended one!  A silent disco is a party where your guests will be given headphones and the music is played to the headphones.  When the silent disco is happening and you don’t have a pair of headphones, it is definitely a funny sight to see!

Silent Disco

(via Pinterest)

Gaming Stations

Another fun way to entertain your guests is by renting a gaming truck or even individual games for one area of the venue. Instead of the typical candy bar, give the kids something to keep themselves entertained for a few hours!

Gaming Station

(via Gamez on Wheelz)

Unique Cocktails

Don’t worry, this is only for the adults! The company that you’ve hired to bartend for you most likely has a list of unique cocktails that they can make. Pick two that you and your partner love and make that the options for the adults! While they of course can order other drinks, this is a way for your guests to try out a new cocktail! You could even work with your bartenders to create a virgin option for the kiddos!

Unique Cocktails

(via Delishably)

Mini Food Bar

Everyone loves personalized, mini food (and if you don’t, you’re lying!). This is where you and your child can collaborate and come up with a great menu that their friends will love and the adults will too! Maybe you do sliders, little baskets of fries and a special mac and cheese! Who knows what will come from their ideas!

Mini Food Bar

(via Pinterest)

We hope these ideas make the planning process for your next event a little easier! Follow us on Pinterest and Instagram to get the inside scoop on what’s happening at Warehouse 215.

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