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Tips for Making the Most of Your Budget

Open Houses

free event and sample vendors in phoenix az

Take advantage of our Open Houses! These are the perfect ways to attend a free event and sample vendors. Most of the time there is even a raffle or opportunity to win a free upgrade or prize!

Ask Family & Friends to opt for a Gift of Service instead of traditional gifts

groomsmen fun hanging out

Don’t have room in the budget for a Planner or Coordinator? Some couples are asking family and friends to donate their time on the day of to help out rather than buying a gift or money!

Use our Rewards Program!

Earn rewards at Warehouse 215 Event Venue Phoenix

We love helping our clients make the most of their budget, so we created a Rewards System to keep us connected throughout the planning while earning points to use towards our in-house upgrades!

Have the Ceremony + Reception in one place

wedding venues in az
getting married in tucson

Warehouse 215 can host the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception all in one rental! This makes it much easier not only for guests to have one place to drive to, but also saves you from having to deal with multiple rentals!

Take Advantage of as Many Inclusions as You Can!

white candle for table centerpiece

Our venue has a lot of the basic tables, linens, chairs, and nonfloral centerpieces included in the rental price. Our in house – upgrades are also very cost effective add ons! Ask your venue concierge for your options, and save your budget for fun décor to add to & dress it up!


Find more helpful hints at the original article here.

Ready to start planning your day in our Industrial Downtown Phoenix Venue? Contact us today! 

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