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Unique Cocktails in Downtown Phoenix

With all of the amazing bar options in Downtown Phoenix, our clients have SO many options for pre or post event drinks. Warehouse 215 is right by all of the growing area of Downtown, and here are some of the most unique cocktails to try out!

Unique cocktails in Phoenix with edible mural on top

Little Rituals is located on the 4th floor of Residence Inn and Courtyard by Marriott Phoenix Downtown. They have the cutest little drink called “Big City Lights”. Which has an edible drink topper with a Phoenix mural on it! A drink almost too pretty to drink….almost.

a unique honeydew mint syrup cocktails and blood orange bitter topper with prickly pear IPA foam

Another beautiful drink is “The Honey, Do”. With has honeydew mint syrup and blood orange bitter topper with prickly pear IPA foam. So many beautiful flavors wrapped up in one amazing drink, served at Nook Kitchen here in Downtown.

Bitter & Twisted is home to some of the most unique cocktails in Downtown Phoenix area, but one of it's top seller is the Duck Bath Punch.

Bitter & Twisted is home to some of the most unique cocktails in the area, but one of it’s top seller is the “Duck Bath Punch.” It is the cutest combination of a large tub for the drink’s container which is perfect for sharing, cutest little rubber ducks, and has tea and a cucumber foam for the bath bubbles.

Looking for something a little more healthy? “The Beetlejuice” from The Larder & The Delta is a perfect option! Get your vegetable intake with some gin, with this beet syrup cocktail sweetener with ginger-honey syrup and rosemary.

All pictures and information found over at the original article at DTPHX.

Wanting to plan an event near all of these fun pregame options? Contact us today to start planning your next exciting event here in the growing Warehouse District in Downtown Phoenix!

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