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Vendor Highlight: Avant Garde

We have so many incredible vendors that we have the joy of working with at Warehouse 215, and we recently started creating videos to let our clients get to know them a little better. Working with your vendors throughout the event planning process is such a personal and intimate deal, and let us tell you why our preferred vendors help make that process extra special. 😊Avant Garde Florals

This month, we are highlighting the lovely Veronica over at Avant Garde florals. Avant Garde creates amazing florals, and take a peek at the video below to get to know her a little better!

For more information and to see more of their work, head over to Avant-Garde. Here is all Veronica’s contact information:

Avant-Garde Floral Design Studio | Avant-gardestudio.com
Veronica Novak | 602.252.1685 | veronica@avant-gardestudio.com

Ready to get started on planning your amazing event in Downtown Phoenix with our incredible team? Contact us today!

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