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Vendor Highlight – Downtown Phoenix Venues

Downtown Phoenix Venues residence inn meeting

DPV Meeting at Residence Inn/Courtyard Marriott


For our Vendor Highlight blog this month, we are doing something a bit different. We are talking with Riette Bartlett, owner and creator of the organization, Downtown Phoenix Venues. Bartlett has crafted a unique approach to connecting the event community in Downtown Phoenix by bringing together venues in the area to share ideas and support one another.


Let’s jump right in!


Downtown Phoenix Venue Children's Museum of Phoenix

Children’s Museum of Phoenix


Tell us a little bit about Downtown Phoenix Venues


Downtown Phoenix Venues, might be my original brain child, but the community here in downtown Phoenix is what has made it into what it is today.  The original plan was to create a management company that represented specific venues in downtown phoenix that needed professional representation. As the venues grew more and more popular, so did the reputation of DPV.  Each of the original venues eventually went in their own direction and at that time we had already started connecting with other venues in downtown Phoenix, sharing ideas and information.

When the original venues went their separate ways, we revamped the company and website so that we could support and represent more venues than only 2 people could represent.  We turned it into a listing site for venues that are in the downtown Phoenix area, that are unique or original in nature. We do not have venues on the website that were built to be event venues. They are just venues that happen to have space to do amazing events.  We also meet up regularly and share with a pretty open platform as far as venue policies, pricing, procedure and of course sharing our problems and helping each other solve them. We are a truly supportive community and in coopetition instead of competing against each other.


Downtown Phoenix Venues Heritage Square

Heritage Square



How long have you been in the industry? How did you get started?


I have been in the industry since 2009, I originally started out as the event coordinator for Bentley Gallery. For a hot minute there we were considering not doing events at Bentley Gallery, and this idea forced me into coming up with a Plan B. With the help of the owner of Bentley Gallery we wrote up a business plan for Downtown Phoenix Venues. The rest is history.


Downtown Phoenix Venues Unexpected Venue

Unexpected Venue


When did you create Downtown Phoenix Venues, and what was your original vision?


Downtown phoenix venues was born in late 2009, they original vision was for me to represent several venues that are similar but very different at the same time. It then  grew into a community-based website.


Downtown Phoenix Event Venue Warehouse 215 Bentley Projects

Warehouse 215 @ Bentley Projects


How do you think DPV contributes to the community?


Ironically the community was not in my thoughts when I originally created the company. But watching the company grow over the past 10 years and seeing what it has done for this community has been pretty awesome. I accidentally stumbled on a niche market that needed to be explored, marketed and shared with the entire valley. Now these venues are connected on a personal level where we are committed in to helping each other grow.


Downtown Phoenix Venues Galvanize Phoenix

Galvanize Phoenix


Where do you see DPV going in the future and what would you like to further accomplish?


I would like to have more unique venues join our site of course, and then find creative and fun methods to get the word out there that we are down here and well worth the trip. The nice thing about Downtown is we are almost 20 minutes from anywhere, so it is the perfect location for any type of event.


Downtown Phoenix Venues Audubon Arizona Events

Audubon Arizona Events



To learn more about Downtown Phoenix Venues, please see their below contact information and social media handles.


Website: www.downtownphoenixvenues.com

E-mail: riette@downtownphoenixvenues.com

Facebook: @downtownphxvenues

Instagram: @downtownphoenixvenues

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