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Vendor Highlight – Harley Bonham

Phoenix Venue Rental Space: Vendor Highlight

Phoenix Venue Rental Space: Vendor Highlight

A photographer is certainly one of the most important vendors you will hire for your event or wedding. These are the memories you will keep for years to come. These pictures will remind you how special you felt and how much fun you had. So, naturally, you want to pick the perfect photographer.


Today’s Warehouse 215 Vendor Highlight is all about Harley Bonham. He is by far one of our favorite photographers and has worked with us many times. Just one meeting with him or one glance at his work – he will become one of your favorites as well!


Phoenix Venue Rental Space: Vendor Highlight hanging candles


Tell us a little bit about your business. How did you get started?


I hadn’t planned on being a career photographer.  I was playing full-time as a musician while shooting small projects on the side.  Every job led to referrals to new clients so it grew organically; not through a long-term plan or anything.  Basically it was like that crack in the windshield that kept getting bigger.  We’ll probably shoot more than 300 projects this year and I now have 8 talented photogs on the team.

Phoenix Venue Rental Space: Vendor Highlight, table set up


What are your favorite events to shoot?


Weddings are where I get to be the most creative and we’ll usually have about 40-50 per year.  Corporate events are fun, too, and that is the most plentiful for us; probably about 200-250 a year.  Corporate clients love our work because we’ll bring that wedding creativity and give them images that they don’t get from previous photogs.

Phoenix Venue Rental Space: Vendor Highlight, Pre-nuptial photograph


What inspires you?


The reactions of the people I’m photographing more than anything else.  I live for the “OMG!” when I show clients a dramatic, vivid image, in-camera with no editing.  I think that one of the requirements to be a professional photographer is the ability to get it right in-camera, without relying on editing to make amateurish images look passable.  There is so much of that in the market that it has lowered the bar as to what is acceptable.  I think our work stands out because our approach is to “create images” as opposed to just “taking pictures.”

Phoenix Venue Rental Space: Vendor Highlight, pregnant mom, with her two daughters


What do you love about Warehouse 215?


I love the urban feel, brick walls, glass block windows.  It’s a great place to create art.

Phoenix Venue Rental Space: Vendor Highlight



Interested in finding out more about Harley and his amazing work?


Website: harleybonham.com

Email: harley@harleybonham.com

Call: 602.505.6097

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