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Vendor Highlight – Impact DJ’s

Phoenix Event Venue, Vendor Highlight - Impact DJ's

Phoenix Event Venue, Vendor Highlight – Impact DJ’s


As you start to plan your next big event, what is one of the first vendors you think about hiring – a DJ! Providing one-of-a-kind entertainment to make your event special and unique should always be on the top of your list during the planning process. Hiring the perfect DJ with knowledge, experience and professionalism is something that can’t be looked over.


This month’s Warehouse 215 vendor highlight is all about our Exclusive Entertainment company, Impact DJ’s. We spoke with Owner and DJ, Elliot Mogerman about his business and personal goals.




Tell us a little bit about your business


Owner since 1995, building trust and relationships  with my clients, vendors, and employees are my top priority. Creating experiences and memories that last a lifetime not only keeps me happy but furthermore, hearing from past clients years later, and receiving referrals is an amazing pleasure and puts a delightful feel into the hard work, sweat and tears I have put into this career.


Phoenix Event Venue, Vendor Highlight - Impact DJ's, About the business


How did you get started in the industry?


Started DJing at Great Skate in Glendale when I was in high school. Fell in love with watching a diverse group of kids, teens and adults laugh, have fun and enjoy their time while I spun records. The fact that the emotion and energy I felt came across the speakers and sharing those amazing experiences with all the guests is quite addicting. Then put myself through college contracting with several mobile DJ companies and gained a formidable amount of experience from those DJs I was lucky enough to have the shared opportunity.


Phoenix Event Venue, Vendor Highlight - Impact DJ's, starting industry


What are your favorite events in Phoenix to DJ?


Every event is different, over 2,000 weddings and not one exactly the same. Weddings do occupy the majority of my time and it’s because of the connection, planning, and research I complete with everyone.  I really love all types from weddings, sporting events, mitzvahs, corporate and private, themed, and all of them. When you love what you do and who you work with it’s hard to pinpoint just one as a favorite.


Phoenix Event Venue, Vendor Highlight - Impact DJ's, favorite types of event


What inspires you?


My family 100%. My mother is a professional pianist and works harder than anyone I have ever met. She is double my age and still works more than full time doing what she loves. I also have to say my darling little 4 year old daughter. She has changed my life and inspires me in so many ways beyond words.


Phoenix Event Venue, Vendor Highlight - Impact DJ's, inspiration


What do you love about Warehouse 215?


From the first event I worked at Warehouse 215, I fell in love with the beauty and uniqueness of this Event venue. Years ago it actually had the art work hanging and on display inside the main building and still has so much history and charm. The character is only surpassed by the talented, professional, and amazing team that is fully devoted and committed to also creating a wonderful and happy experience for their customers. As a Vendor, it is an honor to work with a team that I don’t have to manage or keep an eye on, or fix mistakes behind the scenes. They are efficient and spot on every time. I wouldn’t risk my reputation. And stay a preferred vendor at a venue if I didn’t have full trust in the people there as I have sent many clients their way also.



To learn more about Impact DJ’s and what they have to offer, please visit their website at impactdjsaz.com

Phone: (480) 220-9270

Contact directly HERE



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