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Vendor Highlight: Keith & Melissa Photographers

Photography Eventphotography events

Keith & Melissa are husband & wife photographers who do a whole range of events & moments. Their work is stunning, and we had the pleasure on working with them at numerous events here at Warehouse 215. Today we’re having a little virtual chat with the incredible duo to learn a little more about them.

Tell us a little bit about your business. How did you get started?

Phoenix Event Photography

We have been photographers for over 20 years. We are east coast transplants, moving from NYC to Phoenix 15 years ago. It may sound cliché – but we love what we do and we really, really like doing it together. The experience + trust of working side by side for so many years is a gift that we treasure.

What do you enjoy the most about photography?

wedding photography

What we love most about photography is how meaningful it is. Photographs become family heirlooms, being passed down from generation to generation. They are so important for so many reasons. Documenting something like a wedding or mitzvah is so incredibly important. These photos are part of a family’s story, their history.

We absolutely loved the Double Mitzvah you photographed here with us! The photos on our Mitzvah page from our website are done by you and that event was one of our favorite to be a part of! What was your favorite part about that celebration?

glowing lounge furnitureDouble Mitzvah photographed Phoenix

The twins mitzvah was so special. The al fresco setting for the service was beautiful. The transformation of the parking lot into a carnival was spectacular. Loved the looks of surprise on everyone’s faces as they transitioned from the service to the carnival area. Rides, games, incredible food. And then of course, everyone was delighted at the indoor transformation. The lighting, the dance floor, games, Dutch Bros, all came together for the guests to have such an incredible experience.

Only a space like yours could see this vision realized.
I do think my favorite part of that event was seeing people’s faces. The kids and adults on the rides, laughing at having so much fun. The look on people’s faces as they moved from service to the carnival. The laughter and fun everyone was having once they were inside. The takeaway, everyone had a great time!

What is your favorite thing about Warehouse 215?

Venue Photographer

We have loved your space since we first layed eyes on it many years ago. Being from NYC we were immediately drawn to your space, it is one of the few venues that has a cosmopolitan, downtown, urban, loft feel. Great for parties but also great for photography. The vignettes, textures, the versatility in the looks, never the same twice. Over the years we have enjoyed seeing the transformation of the space – and of course the incredible staff that makes every event so special.

We always look forward to working with this couple, and love having them photograph our venue in Downtown Phoenix. Check out more about them & their work on their website here.

Downtown Phoenix Event Photographer


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