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Vendor Highlight: Sketch My Wedding

Having entertainment for your event is a necessity, it can take an event from stiff and ordinary to being able to bring people together and have fun! Here at Event Venue Phoenix, Warehouse 215, we are lucky enough to experience so many amazing vendors who bring life to the party. When looking for unique ideas for all events from weddings to corporate, one of our favorite vendors is a caricature company called Sketch My Wedding.

Adam from Sketch My Wedding has delighted us by taking part in our Vendor Highlight to kick off the month of June, and took part in our Q & A!


Adam of Sketch My Wedding making event caricatures in Phoenix AZ and Nearby areas


Tell us a little bit about your business.


When most people think of caricature they think of artists at fairs who distort the face and make you look bad.  I’m a comic book and pinup artist so I started Sketch My Wedding as a place to receive fun and flattering caricatures.  I don’t want to be drawn ugly in a caricature and I don’t think anyone else should either.  Not at events anyway.  I know many caricature artists that exaggerate and can be kinda mean but there’s a time and a place for that.  Most people at parties want to have fun and look amazing, that’s where we come in.  Even the research shows that when we look at art, it immediately sparks activity in the brain and increases our blood flow in proportion to how much we like the art.


How did you get started?


How I came across caricature is a complete accident.   Back then I was working mainly for Marvel Comics as a color artist.  When Disney purchased Marvel I became nervous.  I wanted a back up plan just in case I was fired so I looked into being a character designer for animation.  I came across a five minute podcast by character designer Stephen Silver (Kim Possible, Danny Phantom), Silver said if you want to be character designer draw caricatures first.  If I didn’t respect Silver so much I would have thought he was crazy.  I thought, what in the world did drawing live caricatures have to do with character design?


I took his advice and set up shop at a mall and eventually drew at my first party.  The first event I ever did was a wedding reception and it became my watershed moment.  After my third month the mall was going to increase my rent so I decided to leave the mall and focus on drawing at parties.

Event Venue caricatures ideas


What have been some of your favorite events to be a part of?


Weddings and Halloween parties are generally my most fun events.  I draw at bachelorette parties to bar mitzvahs so I draw at a wide range of gatherings.  Among some of my favorite functions are those that align with me personally.  For example I drew at a fundraiser for Treasure House, a supportive living community for young adults with developmental disabilities.  My son has autism and when I can contribute to an event like that. Or even draw one special needs child at an event, it means a lot to me.


What do you enjoy the most about your work?


What I enjoy most is how my art effects people and events.  I’ve gone to parties that seemed super boring and after a couple of hours. I see people talking about their caricatures, showing them to other guests, and posting them online.  I drew at a teenage girl’s party and the theme was superheroes.  The girls designed their own costumes, and super powers.  The mom later told me her daughter was new to the neighborhood and didn’t have a lot of friends.  She said the caricatures created a connection between the the girls and her daughter was elated.  When I left I thought, ‘my art did that’.

unique ideas for weddings events phoenix az near me

What inspires you?


I am inspired by many things.  My art is inspired by comics, animation, caricature artists, Mad Magazine, and pinup artists.  Another inspiration for me are people who is sitting in front of me.  When I draw live, much of what I do is inspiration based.  I may see a girl and think she’s Disney’s Moana or a diva with an attitude.  Or I may see someone and think Game of Thrones or that guy would make a perfect Batman or car salesman.  I’m drawing people’s features but often I think in terms of archetypes.


What do you love about Warehouse 215?


Warehouse 215 is a great Phoenix event venue.  It has a lot of character and I love it’s “look”.  What I love most though is the people.  One thing I try to do with all my clients and venues is to be EASY.  I’m easy to talk to, easy to do business with, easy to get a hold of, etc.  I draw cartoon people for a living but I’m a professional. And I make it simple for people to do business with me.  Warehouse 215 seems to share my values.  Some venues treat vendors like second class citizens because we are not their “client”. I never encountered that nonsense at Warehouse.  The staff has consistently been world-class and a joy to work with since my first event there.

Adam of Sketch My Wedding about your next event

Reach out to Adam of Sketch My Wedding about your next event at https://www.sketchmywedding.com/

Phone:  602  980 7698

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