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Vendor Highlight – Stylish Events by Lisa

Event Venue Phoenix: Vendor Highlight - Stylish Events by Lisa


If you have ever planned a party for a family member or friend, you know just how stressful the process can be. There is definitely a good reason why event planners exist – to keep you sane! And like any true professional, a good event planner will go above and beyond to make your event as special and unforgettable as possible.


Event Venue Phoenix: Vendor Highlight

Living in a large city, like Phoenix, can make your search for a qualified and trustworthy planner a little daunting. This month’s Vendor Highlight is all about one of our FAVORITE planners in the business – Lisa Foster.



Tell us about your business.


Stylish Events by Lisa has been in the valley for the last six years. I had been planning events for family and friends for several years and decided I wanted to do it on a full scale, professional level.



How did you get started?


I received a degree in Hospitality/Tourism and begun the business after gaining experience in other areas first. I wanted to be well rounded before I became a small business owner. Now we help create all types of events from weddings and mitzvahs, to social and destination events.



What is one of your favorite events you’ve planned?


One of my favorite events was actually at Warehouse 215. Our bride was a professional singer, and her and her fiancé had an inside joke about Taylor Swift. So we rented a baby grand piano and surprised him during reception. She sang a rendition of “Blank Space” that was amazing yet funny and the groom was so surprised as well as the guests.



What do you enjoy about planning?


We love helping create extraordinary moments for our clients, it makes the experience so much more memorable and unique for everyone.


 Event Venue Phoenix: Vendor Highlight

Check Lisa and her team out at www.stylisheventsbylisa.com or contact them directly:


Phone: 480-209-2559

Email: stylisheventsbylisa@gmail.com

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