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Vendor Highlight – Vermilion Events

Vendor Highlight


We are kicking off September with another Vendor Highlight – Vermilion Events! Warehouse 215 has had the pleasure of working with David Twigger and his team dozens of times. Always professional and friendly, they never disappoint, whether you are a fellow vendor or a client. Click here to meet their amazing team!


“With exceptional detail and execution, Vermilion Events plans corporate, private, charity, wedding events and more! Vermilion Events is your true choice for meeting and event planning, style, design and execution” – David Twigger


Vendor Highlight


Vermilion Events offers a wide variety of services spanning the entirety of social and corporate events and even destination management! Twigger has been awarded multiple design and planning awards throughout the years because of his passion for this industry and dedication to his clients. You can rest assured you will be in great hands from beginning to end!



Corporate Meetings & Events


Weddings & Mitzvahs


Destination Management


Media Gallery



Reach out to Vermilion Events today and see what all the fuss is about! If you need help planning your next big event, don’t stress, Vermilion Events is here to make your dreams come true!


Vermilion Events


Phone: (480) 420-8923

Email: David@vermilionevents.com

Website: www.vermilionevents.com

Instagram: vermilionevents




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