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Vendor Spotlight – Karma Event Lighting

Phoenix Wedding venues


Whether you are an event professional or not, we all know how important it is to hire qualified and trustworthy vendors. Here at Warehouse 215, we have worked with dozens of vendors around the valley from florists to photographers to entertainment companies.


Today we want to share with you one of our favorites in the valley! Karma Event Lighting & A/V are truly skilled at what they do, and offer tons of variety when it comes to planning your perfect event. They offer full event production services from uplighting and gobos to projection mapping and stage / dance floor lighting. They also offer essential AV services like microphones, sounds systems, TVs and video screens.


Phoenix Wedding venues Vendor


“We pride ourselves on our attention to detail as well as respecting and enhancing your wedding or event.  We’re not there to overshadow but to enhance.  So the room will be beautiful and elegant for the dinner, first dance, speeches etc. and then change to match the energy of the room and music later on for dancing” – Jeremy Martorano, Karma Event Lighting


Phoenix Wedding venues Spotlight


 Let’s get to the fun stuff! Click the below links to see them in action.



Wedding Dress Projection Mapping


Wedding Cake Projection Mapping


Volcano Themed Projection Mapping and Event Lighting


First Dance Fireworks, Snowfall and Fire – Full Wall Projection Effects


Sparkle Geysers  


Elegant to Epic Event Lighting



Reach out to Karma Event Lighting today! Let them walk you through all of their incredible lighting options to help make your next event a smashing success!


Phoenix Wedding venues Vendor Spotlight

Event Lighting & Production for the Creative Mind!

Phone: (480) 969-3766

Website: www.KarmaEventLighting.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/karmaeventlighting

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