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Warehouse 215 FAQ

Rental Space Packages

Photo by: magpieandryephotography

With all of the vendors you have to work with on a new event, it can be hard to keep track of all the information. Cost, timeframe, and specifics for any one vendor are all important, but maybe you are worried you aren’t asking all the right questions. Let’s take a look at some of the frequently asked questions we receive most here at Warehouse 215.



What is included in your rental package?


  • Bay 2 & 3 with patio
  • 72” round tables, 8ft tables and cocktail tables (dependent on guest count)
  • Black resin chairs (dependent on guest count)
  • Black floor length linens
  • 10 uplights
  • On site personnel
  • Security (for evening events)
  • Basic non-floral centerpiece elements



How late can my event end?


The latest your event can end is 12:30am.



Do you have exclusive caterers?


We have a list of 5 AMAZING caterers we will have you choose from.



Do you have alcohol packages?


We offer 4 basic beverage package options, based on either per person, per hour or based on consumption. Cash bars are no problem as well! We can also provide customized packages based on your needs (price will adjust accordingly).



Do you have preferred vendors?


Aside from the caterers and alcohol packages, we have a list of favorite vendors we have worked with many times and would recommend (AV, florists, photographers, etc.), but you are welcome to use other vendors.



Do you have onsite parking?


Yes! Our lot has 72 spaces. There is also free street parking on both Grant St. and 3rd St as well as a lot across the street that can be rented based on availability that includes 158 spaces.



Can I rent out just one room?


All of our packages include the entire space (Bay 2, Bay 3 and patio) because we wouldn’t hold more than one event at the same time. We can easily close off one of the Bays to accommodate smaller guest counts.


Phoenix Event Venue: Warehouse 215 FAQ

Photo by: Something New Media

Please feel free to reach out to us with any and all questions! If you would like to see the space for yourself, we would be delighted to show you around. You can call, email or text us to schedule a private walkthrough today!




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