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Warehouse District Fun: Urban Axe

If you’ve ever wanted to try out your skills of being a lumberjack and throw an Axe, now is your time! Urban Axe has just opened in Downtown Phoenix’s Warehouse District!

Warehouse District Fun: Urban Axe

The Warehouse District is full of amazing and fun activities. With Talking Stick and Chase Field right down the street, there are always so many up and coming businesses that are helping to bring fun and amazing new things to the area!

Urban Axe throwing axe

Urban Axe is the perfect group activity. Whether enjoying as a team building experience, having a Sunday Funday, or joining a league. It is a fun and unique experience that fits right in with the Downtown community!

Fun Drinks at Urban Axe in Downtown Warehouse Phoenix Arizona

It would even be perfect for a post-rehearsal dinner or pre- meeting fun! Within 1 mile of Warehouse 215, it has so many endless possibilities for extra things to do with events.

All pictures and more information at Urban Axes.

Contact us today to start planning your next exciting event here in the growing Warehouse District in Downtown Phoenix!

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