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Let them eat cake!

One of the sweetest moments during weddings is the cake cutting. Make it picture perfect with a gorgeous cake! Need help with some inspiration? Here are some Warehouse 215 favs.

Cake decorated with Succulent

Staring off with a Phoenix classic, add a little desert to your dessert! Succulent are always an Arizona favorite for décor, and use this on your cake, too!



gold painted cake

(Piece of Cake)

A little brush of gold can make your cake shine



edible crystals around cake

Add a little edge – have some edible crystals around your cake!



black cake with moody florals

(Cakes by Whisk)

Looking for a little mood? This black cake with moody florals is a dream come true.



naked cakes rustic look decked out in florals

(Kim’s Great Cakes)

Naked cakes are perfect for a little rustic look. Decked out in florals, this cake is bound to wow your guests.



3 tier wedding cake twist with classic patterns

This 3 tier wedding cake is a fun twist on a classic. Can’t decide on one design? Have different patterns on the tiers.



 winter blue cake

(Sugar Lane Bakery)

This winter blue cake shows you can have your color scheme in your cake, too – without it being too much!



Simple Classic Wedding Cake Inspiration

(Piece of Cake)

Go with a classic! Sometimes all you need is to add some flowers to make it special



delicious dessert corner for events donuts, macaroons treats

Feeding Each Other Cake
couple toasts

(Atlasta Catering)

Not huge on cakes? You can still have an epic moment with a donut treat! Toast with champagne and share a delicious dessert together



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