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Wedding Favor Ideas

Want to treat your guests to a little something?! A wedding favor can be such a lovely idea to show your guests you appreciate them being a part of your day! Here’s a couple of our favorite ones.


party favors
party favors wedding
guest wedding gifts

One of our couples had wrapped their favorite books to place on each tables as a gift for guests to take home with them! It was so sweet, and a very special nontraditional favor.

Goodie Bags

personalized favors wedding
favors bags

Make a cute little to go back with treats for your guests – simple but amazing!


koozies thank you gifts for weddings

Everyone loves a koozie! Give your guests a fun treat that they can use during the event to keep the drinks flowing!


pictures as wedding favors

A picture lasts forever, and why not let your guests have fun with a photo booth? It’s such a fun event addition, and then doubles for a memorable take home item!

Children’s bags

Children’s bags

If you have a lot of kids attending your wedding, this is a great idea! Fill a little bag for them with color books and little toys to keep them entertained!

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