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Green Couch Convo with Prim Rentals

We love showcasing our favorite vendors from around the Valley, and Prim Rentals undoubtedly makes the cut! We had the pleasure of sitting down with Lara, owner of Prim and ask her some questions about her business.

Back in 2013, Lara was planning her own wedding and had a weird experience with a rental company, and she knew from that minute that she could do it better. When she started the company, it was based out of a 500 square foot storage unit. Since then, they have grown their space to a large warehouse holding amazing furniture. Prim grew quickly due to a lack of special rental companies in the market.

Prim RentalsEach piece they have is special. With sofas, chairs and unique pieces, Prim is the perfect place to find elements for your wedding and other events as well. Each piece is updated from its original state to match a vintage yet modern feel. With rentals being their main focus, Prim Rentals also works with floral space too.

wedding rentals

Each company had their own stories and experiences, but Lara shared her favorite from their first couple years of business. When starting a business, especially one like this, all the manual labor is done by the owners. Lara and her two partners all became pregnant at the same time, but that didn’t mean the work needed to stop. Deliveries were made by the ladies, with help from their husbands. Lara knew that they had to look funny doing such manual labor while being pregnant. Many people would help them out with the deliveries and bring food or drinks.

One of the many reasons we love working with Prim is because they take such good care of their clients. In the past, if a piece showed up damaged, Lara would immediately bring a new rental that they could use to replace the other before the bride ever found out. Having that value to a company makes others want to work with you even more.

If you are in the need of some rentals, be sure to follow Prim Rentals on Instagram and Facebook @Primrentals and their website primrentals.com. What better way to get inspired for your upcoming wedding than with some beautiful rentals.

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