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WH215 Open House: Let’s Be Friends!

What a year! Celebrations all around have been impacted, & we missed being able to collaborate with all of our wonderful past, present, & Future clients as well as vendors! What better way to celebrate this new event season than all coming together for a night of fun? We have put care into planning a psychically distant & mindfully safe Open House, Phoenix & welcome you to join us! Whether you’re checking out spaces for planning your event, or just wanting to re-connect with the community – we’d love for you to become our friend!

Open House in Phoenixopen houses phoenix

We welcome you to bring your family, friend, or lobster along with you! 💖
Test your Friends knowledge with a trivia game, where one lucky winner take home the Geller Cup! Enjoy our ‘Central Perk’ lounge, have some food, meet our vendors and sip on some cocktails for a night of celebrating safely!⁠

Timeslots are limited, so be sure to RSVP here! We are beyond thrilled to host this Open House Phoenix and show you how to celebrate safely!

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