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Why to hire a Coordinator or Planner

You can do it all – but you don’t have to! At Warehouse 215, our team wants your day to be as stress free as possible! The best way to do this is by having a little extra help. Having a coordinator or planner can helps make your dream day as seamless as possible. It also allows for your family to relax, which is why we always recommend hiring a vendor. Here’s a couple of ways it can help elevate your day:


You need help with your vision

Hire a Wedding Planner

(Stylish Events by Lisa)

You’ve done all the Pinterest dreaming, planned your color scheme, and now need a little help bringing it all to life. A professional planner can help make your day all you’ve dreamt about and more, and knows all of the best vendors and ways to do so. They can also present new & exciting ideas to your already amazing plan! Let them take care of the planning and keep your job to the day dreaming and counting down the minutes until you can say “I Do.”



You have all the pieces, but need help carrying it out

wedding planner

A Day of Coordinator is another amazing option for the client who is Type A and has everything all planned out – just needs a little help on the day of to relax! A day of coordinator will help make sure every centerpiece is in place, the ceremony goes off without a hitch, and most importantly – you and your family aren’t rushing around and can enjoy yourselves!



Staying on Budget & Schedule

wedding coordinators

Planning out every little details can get overwhelming! Between sending out save the dates, to when to book your vendors, and planning how much to budget – planners are here to help! They can also take care of coordinating with your vendors. They are amazing and will develop a timeline and budget that works for you!



Professional Knowledge

hiring a wedding planner on a budget

Years of professional experience comes with so many tips & tricks for your day! No need to spend endless hours googling vendors and reviews, your planner will recommend the best of the best and customize everything based on your day. Wondering what proper etiquette to follow with family members or friends for your day? They will help! That type of knowledge can save a ton of headache!



Professional planner and coordinators are here to support you through your day. There are plenty of reasons to hire a planner, and we have amazing vendors we love working with! Our WH215 couples can earn WH215 Points when using our trusted & true planners:

Stylish Events by Lisa

Kate & Company

Vermilion Events

Ready to start planning your dream day at Warehouse 215 in Downtown Phoenix? Contact us today!

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