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4 Conversations to Have Before the Proposal

Whether you’ve been dating 1 year or 10 years – getting married is a big deal! Marriage is a life-long commitment between two people who may come from different backgrounds and values. While it’s fun to get caught up in the wedding day, we also have to remember that our marriage is what lasts, not the wedding day! Here are a few topics that we suggest you talk about with your hubby!



This may seem like common sense but sometimes it flies over your head. Money and finances are a big piece of a relationship. Coming together and tying your finances to one another is a big step. Your finance histories are coming together as one. Another item to discuss is who will be overseeing your budget and paying the bills. Are you both planning on working or will one stay at home with the kids? These are all important questions that one should know before jumping to the next level with a partner.

Conversations to Have Before the Proposal Finances

(Photo via a Better Happier St. Sebastian)


When starting a relationship, many values pop up when different experiences arise. Maybe you’re starting your relationship off during an election year and you find out you have different views from someone else. No two people grow up the same, so you’re more likely to have different values but have some in common as well. Make sure to talk about these, they are more important than you might think!

Conversations to Have Before the Proposal Values

(photo via Birds of a Feather. Shot by Jacqueline)

Kids or No Kids?

One very important question to discuss prior to getting married is whether or not you want to start and grow a family. Some people grow up knowing that they don’t want to be a parent, and that is engrained in them! Others have always known they were meant to be a parent. If having children is something that you will not compromise for, make sure that is known!

Conversations to Have Before the Proposal, Kids or No Kids?

(Photo via Stef G Photography)

Being engaged is a truly wonderful and loving experience! It should be fun and exciting working together to plan a day to celebrate the love you share. Hopefully, these couple of tips help you when wanting to take the step of proposing and making that leap into the next chapter of your lives. Be sure to keep up with us on our Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for inspiration of your future wedding!

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