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A Look Back – 2017 New Year’s Eve Wedding

New Year’s Eve Wedding


Weddings, and the receptions that follow, are already a wonderful celebration, with family and friends, full of love, good food and dancing. But this couple decided to kick it up a notch with a New Year’s Eve wedding bash! As 2019 approaches, we wanted to take a look back at December 31, 2017 – The Simonson/Juarez Wedding.


Brooke Simonson and Thomas Juarez were a New York City couple looking for a wedding venue in Phoenix. Unable to fly out west to search for a venue, Brooke’s mother, Ann, stepped in to assist. Thankfully, Warehouse 215 was at the top of their list! The buildings charm and historic feel reminded the couple of buildings typically seen in Eastern states.


After months of planning, everything came together for an unforgettable evening…


Both Bride and Groom Repped their Alma Mater!

New Year’s Eve Wedding Groom Alma mater

New Year’s Eve Wedding Bride Alma Mater


Brooke wore a stunning Vera Wang dress that exuded class and beauty. Throughout the night, if she felt chilly, she threw on a black leather jacket – the combination of the two perfectly embodying Brooke’s fun-loving personality!Bride and her mother

New Year’s Eve Wedding Bride wearing leather jacket

Warehouse 215 Rental Items

With help from Blissful Blooms, La Tavola Fine Linen, Prim Rentals and our own Warehouse 215 rental items, the space was transformed into the perfect New Year’s Eve Wedding. New Year’s Eve Wedding ivory couch black throw pillow

New Year’s Eve Wedding table setting

New Year’s Eve Wedding floating candlelight

New Year’s Eve Wedding couple kiss


Our Exclusive Caterer

Copper Square Kitchen, one of our exclusive caterers, went above and beyond creating the perfect menu. They even included mini banana pudding shooters (the groom’s favorite treat).New Year’s Eve Wedding Food Station

New Year’s Eve Wedding guest in the food station


Live Art AZ

Thanks to Live Art AZ, the couple had something beautifully unique to take home with them.New Year’s Eve Wedding Live wedding capture painting

New Year’s Eve Wedding live painting captures


Phoenix Harpist Serenaded

Adrienne with Phoenix Harpist serenaded incoming guests during cocktail hour as well as during the ceremony. New Year’s Eve Wedding Phoenix Harpist


Wedding Celebration and New year’s Eve countdown together!

After dinner, speeches and dancing, the couple thanked all their guests for coming, and announced that the last two hours of the evening will be dedicated to partying and ringing in the new year together. Twin Peaks Digital and Impact DJ’s projected the live countdown as guests sipped champagne and danced the night away!New Year’s Eve Wedding toast

New Year’s Eve Wedding couple toast

New Year’s Eve Wedding bride on the dance floor


Brooke and Thomas were by far one of our favorite couples to work with leading up to their big day, and to watch celebrate the start of their lives together.  This one will be hard to beat!



All photos taken by Mike Olbinski 

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