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A Flexible Alternative to a Backyard Wedding

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During this time, we know and understand that couples are looking for more flexible options to get married now. Although backyard options can be a great fit for some, here’s some of the ways having a wedding in our romantically industrial space in Downtown Phoenix can be a little more realistic & simple:

No need to stress over Set up or Clean up!

wedding event in backyard arizona

Our rental has inclusive basics for each event! We provide a certain amount of tables, linens, chairs, nonfloral centerpieces, and more! This eliminates the amount of set up/tear down needed for a backyard wedding where you’re starting from scratch to add décor! The best thing about our building?! Between the dazzling chandeliers, exposed brick walls, & industrial wood ceilings, our venue makes simplicity possible with tons of industrial character that doesn’t need much to dress it up!

Safeguarding Against Weather

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Don’t let any weather rain on your day! Arizona has such beautiful weather, but between monsoons and rainstorms – you need a space that allows you to celebrate rain or shine! While we do have a lovely outdoor patio area, our main event areas are indoors and perfect for avoiding any unkind weather!

Noise Complaints & Ordinances

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Another perk of an indoor building is not having to worry about noises! Whether outside noise from the street or worry about complaints from neighbors, our venue helps alleviate any of the noise concerns of a backyard wedding.

Extra Restrooms

wedding restrooms

An amenity often forgotten about until it matters! A backyard wedding typically means only a couple of restrooms for your guests or using up your budget renting enough portable options. Our facility’s restrooms are zoned for about 1,400 guests, and our lovely concierge team sanitizes them as well as any high touch areas every 45 minutes.

A Helpful & Friendly Team

Downtown Phoenix Wedding Venues

Our amazing Venue Concierge Team is here to make sure your day is stress-free so you can celebrate your loved ones. Our staff works with you leading up to your event to coordinate everything from floor plans to beverage packages, and more so that you don’t have to! When you arrive, the floor plan will already be set and our staff is here on site throughout the evening so that you and your family can sit back to enjoy! Our attentive staff provides the exceptional service you deserve, taking special care in each step of the process to make sure your wedding will be one you and your guests will remember forever.


Downtown Phoenix Conference Convention Center

Our beautiful venue is located right in Downtown Phoenix, a perfect central location for all guests! Right by the airport, hotels, the best restaurants and more, it is perfectly convenient for all of your guests! Check out more of the many Downtown Phoenix Perks.


wedding parking

Having hassle-free parking for your guests is so important! Warehouse 215 offers plenty of free parking with a private lot that accommodates up to 72 vehicles. In addition, there is free street parking in front of the building. Our building is completely street-level, making it free of the inconvenience of stairs and elevators and easily accessible for guests.

Our Warehouse 215 team of experts is here to make sure your event goes smoothly! Between Micro Weddings, special weekday pricing, and more – we help to provide as much flexibility as possible for your amazing celebration! Contact our team today to discuss your different options!

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