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AZ Bachelor Party Ideas

AZ Bachelor Party Ideas

We’re all about equality around here so since we gave you some ideas for bachelorette parties, it’s only fitting that we do AZ Bachelor Party Ideas too! Phoenix is the perfect location for your local bachelor party! Here are some of our AZ Bachelor Party Ideas.

All About Beer

This can be fun for your men that really love their beer! Hunt down a local brewery that allows people to come in, eat and taste different beers. The Valley has tons of options for this such as San Tan Brewery in Chandler or they can head up north to Historic Barrel + Bottle House in Flagstaff. This is a cool way for the guys to hang out and try beers they have never tried before.

Historic Barrel + Bottle House Flagstaff

AZ Bachelor Party Ideas

Sports Night

Most groups of guys have a soft spot for a good night with the guys and of course, sports! Pick your favorite bar and head over to watch some sports. Fall is for football and what sounds like more fun than going out with friends, drinking some beer and cheering on your team. A few local sports bars in Downtown Phoenix are Majerele’s, Tiltled Kilt and Coach’s Corner.

More AZ Bachelor Party Ideas

Boys Weekend

Similar to our idea for bachelorette parties, taking a weekend trip with the boys is a great idea. Whether it’s camping in Northern Arizona or taking a trip to another state, this is a great way for the guys to bond and spend time before the ceremony. They can even keep it local by staying in The Valley and planning a golf outing at resorts like Arizona Biltmore, Arizona Grand, Mountain Shadows or Troon North.

Arizona Biltmore Golf Course

AZ Bachelor Party Ideas Golf

Whether you’re hitting up the best golf courses in Arizona or heading to one of the local breweries, you’re bound to have a great time in Phoenix for your bachelor party!

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