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Bachelor and Bachelorette Pre-Wedding Outings

Popular Bachelor and Bachelorette party destinations

If you, or one of your friends, is engaged, it’s never too early to start planning the bachelor and bachelorette party! Want a relaxing get-together? Staying in or near the city you live in eliminates any stress that comes with traveling. So you can just focus on sipping mimosas and lounging with your friends. If you are looking for a little more excitement and perhaps some new activities, a destination bachelor and bachelorette party or trip could be the answer!


Let’s take a look at a couple cities close to home in Arizona and one of the most popular party destinations in the U.S.!


Tucson, AZ


Bachelor and Bachelorette party Tucson, AZ

Picture found on VisitTucson.org

Scenic views and plenty of resorts to choose from! Have a day of sightseeing by driving the Mount Lemmon Scenic Byway, one of the most beautiful drives in Southeast Arizona. If you and your friends are in a bar hopping mood later in the evening. Take a stroll down historic Fourth Avenue. Here you can choose from any of the amazing resorts and spas for a massage and drinks by the pool! Check out a few of the best resorts in the area:


Canyon Ranch in Tucson


JW Marriott Tucson Starr Pass Resort & Spa


Loews Ventana Canyon Resort



Sedona, AZ

Bachelor and Bachelorette party Sedona, AZ

Picture found on bookretreats.com


The city of Sedona is by far one of the most unique places in the Southwest. Wherever you choose to spend your time, you will be surrounded by stunning natural wonders. Take a Pink Jeep Tour and off-road on the iconic red rocks. Visit one (or more) of the 8 local wineries and wine tasting locations and sip on a local cabernet. And if you are interested in Sedona’s world-wide reputation for spirituality and wellness, you have many options to explore, such as hiking to places of worship, finding spiritual guidance in a number of available classes or enjoy a healing massage treatment!



Nashville, TN


Bachelor and Bachelorette party Nashville, TN

Picture found on TripSavvy

Nashville (or Music City) has made a name for itself as one of the most popular bachelor and bachelorette party destinations in recent years – and for obvious reason! There are an outstanding number of things to explore and discover. Bike your way around on a pedal tavern, listen to live music on Broadway Street, visit the Johnny Cash Museum. For a fun group activity while driving through the city, hop on the Honky Tonk Party Express, an open air bus with a private bartender and plenty of dancing!


Not sold yet? Take a look at this video of “Every Bachelorette in Nashville”. Prepare to cry laughing – seriously!

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