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Arizona Summer Weddings at Warehouse 215 ct

Hosting a summer wedding in Arizona may seem impossible to pull off, especially with skyrocketing temps in the 110s, even 120s. Thankfully Warehouse 215 is a fully indoor wedding venue and gives you the perfect palette and location for your summer wedding in Arizona!

Wedding Locations Phoenix. Arizona Summer Weddings at Warehouse 215

Here are a few tips on hosting your summer wedding in Arizona!

Summer Savings

Since the summer is considered the off-peak season in Arizona, many wedding vendors will provide savings to fill up their summer dates. We have to give you a warning that not all vendors will provide some savings, however, it never hurts to ask!

Arizona Summer Weddings at Warehouse 215

Fun Pre Ceremony Drinks

Even though your wedding will be mostly indoors, your guests will be a little toasty upon arrival to your wedding. One way to delight your guests upon arrival is hosting a pre-ceremony drink! You can serve refreshing water, tea or lemonade or provide personalized water bottles so that your guests stay hydrated during the ceremony.  As the bride or groom, make sure that you are staying hydrated too! Try to always have water nearby for yourself, you won’t want to pass out during the ceremony!

Arizona Summer Weddings

Prep for the Heat

After spending a pretty penny on your wedding makeup, you’ll want to ensure that your makeup can withstand the heat, tears & hugs! We highly suggest hiring a makeup artist that uses the airbrush technique.  Oil blotting papers are a must for an Arizona summer wedding. Give a small stack to your maid of honor to keep on hand at all times.

Arizona Summer Weddings at Warehouse 215. Prep for the heat

Lastly, you’ll want to make sure your bouquet holds up in the heat! Delicate flowers like hydrangeas and roses may easily melt during the high summer temperatures.  A few of our favorite florals that can withstand the heat are eucalyptus, succulents, poppy, and petunias!

Event Rental Space Phoenix. Arizona Summer Weddings at Warehouse 215

With these expert tips, you’ll be able to pull off the perfect Arizona summer wedding! Contact our team at celebrate@warehouse215.com for a tour of our venue or to see if we have your perfect summer wedding date available!


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