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Different Sweetheart & Head Table Options

We always get so excited to start mapping out your floor plan with you here at Warehouse 215. One of the things we always start with to guide the rest of the layout is the placement of your head table or sweetheart table. There are plenty of incredible different options of all sizes and styles to make your tables perfect!

First, let’s take a peek at some past event’s sweetheart tables! Sweetheart tables are just for the couples with no wedding party. We have seen so many different ways couples set this up! One of the most popular options is our in house upgrade farm table with our metal chairs or lounge furniture, pictured below.

sweetheart table decoration
wedding sweetheart table

wedding table

Another great option typically already included in the rental price is having a lowered cocktail table with our black resin chairs for a lovely sweetheart table to decorate.

wedding ideas

Having a large head table with all of your nearest & dearest? Our whole space is completely flexible, and one great option is to have a long line of 8 ft tables with linen going across our exposed brick walls.

phoenix wedding ideas

Another past couple also brought in their own wood tables & used our metal chair upgrades to make a u-shape that fit perfectly against our charcoal wall with our upgrade string light wall.

table ideas for weddings

You can also get even more creative and use a combo of our in house farm tables as well as a sweetheart cocktail table to make a fun mix of a sweetheart & wedding table.

table decor ideas

Our flexible space is all that you make it! Our lovely venue is nestled in the heart of Downtown Phoenix‘s Warehouse district, and our amazing team would love to help you start planning your dream day in our romantically industrial space. Contact us today!

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