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Elopement in the City: Fun Elopement ideas in Downtown Phoenix

Now more than ever, couples are postponing the ideas of large wedding ceremonies and choosing to have intimate and unique elopement! Our venue’s romantic industrial space makes for the absolute perfect intimate celebration of love.

Desert Wedding Elopement Ideas


Desert Wedding Elopement Ideas

(Image via Darling Found)

Have the best of both worlds! Elope in the breathtaking desert landscapes all around the Phoenix area. And end it in our Central Downtown location for a celebratory drink and small meal. Some nearby landscapes include Scorpion gulch, Papago park, and so much more!

Rooftop Elopement


                           Rooftop Elopementelope wedding ideas

Just steps away from Warehouse 215 is all of the magnificent city views. Many photographers have favorite photo shots on the rooftops of parking structures. And this would make for such an amazing small ceremony space. Say your vows with loved ones amidst the dazzling light of the city!

City Hall Wedding

(Image via Hillary Lacy Photography)

Downtown Phoenix is filled with such rich history, why not have your wedding at City Hall?! With Warehouse 215 less than 5 minutes away, you can say your I Do’s and take pictures outside of the historic building and ornate gold doors and then head down to our venue to celebrate with loved ones!

Elopement ceremony in Arizona

Having your elopement celebration ideas with us at Warehouse 215 allows you to have an intimate wedding filled with charm and character perfect for smaller gatherings that want to make a big impact with a uniquely special space!

romantic elopement ideas

Looking to elope in Downtown Phoenix? Contact our team today so that we can help you celebrate your special day.

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