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Favorite In-house Upgrades for Weddings

We have so many amazing upgrades options here at Warehouse 215, and they are usually a great cost-effective option for not having to pay a delivery fee! Here are some of our all time favorites for weddings.


        Wedding draping upgradesvenue for wedding location in arizona

These are such a gorgeous accent to add for a backdrop to a ceremony. They hang on our exposed beams and add a softness to the space, perfect for weddings!

Farm house table

            Farm house table wedding upgrades cute little sweetheart table

Wedding Cake

These are my favorite options for a cute little sweetheart table! It is the perfect size, and adds a little something extra for a couple to have as their table or for an extra special cake table.

Bistro Lights

warehouse 215 wedding upgrades Bistro Lights

We already have gorgeous chandeliers and string lights hanging across our ceilings, but why not add more dazzling lights?! Our bistro string lights are one of our favorites for weddings, especially across our charcoal statement wall. It truly makes the space magical!

We also take care of this being set up for you so that your day can be stress- free!

Click here to see all of our other wonderful upgrades, and Contact us today to start planning your next exciting event here at Warehouse 215 in Downtown Phoenix!

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