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Giving back at your wedding.

Recently we’ve noticed our couples’ weddings in downtown Phoenix at Warehouse 215 doing something really unique and fun and we wanted to share this cool concept with all of you!

As you know, there is a ton of money that goes into planning a wedding. Hosting a wedding is certainly a privilege and let’s be honest, who really needs another bottle opener that will cost you $3-5 a pop? Recently a few of our couples have opted out of a wedding registry or wedding favors and are giving back to their community in really cool ways! We thought this idea was pretty sweet and wanted to share some of these cool ideas with you all!

Registry Donation Fund 

Instead of registering for the typical gifts like China, a vacuum or kitchen appliances, couples can elect to ask their guests to make donations in their name. There are a few ways that you can do this! You can set up an online wedding registry donation at https://thegoodbeginning.com/about/ The Good Beginning or set up a basic GoFundMe or YouCaring. Even something as simple as providing your paypal link would work as well! We have also seen our couples ask their guests to select 1 of 3 charities to donate to on their RSVP card!

War of the Tip Jar

At your rehearsal dinner and reception, set our two separate jars – one for each of the fiance’s charity of choice. At the end of the night, see who can raise the most money for their charity! This is a fun and competitive way to get people to open up their wallets and donate for a good cause.

 Favors, Donated

Leave your guests a special note at their seat and let them know that in lieu of favors, you’ve donated to a specific charity in their name! You can include the name, website and a little bit of information of the specific cause that you chose to donate to. This is a fantastic alternative to the generic favor that guests are used to seeing.

We hope these ideas inspire you to think of alternative favors or ways to give back to your community!

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