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How Important is a Designer Dress to You?

How Important is a Designer Wedding Dress to You? AZ - warehouse 215

Photo by Melissa Jill

Unless you are one of the lucky brides that can afford the dream wedding you’ve always hoped for, you are probably on a very strict budget. Cake, wedding invitations, catering, photographer, and of course…THE DRESS! If having a one-of-a-kind wedding dress doesn’t really fall into your “must have” category, then you might want to consider renting or buying used.


Designer Wedding dress


There are many reasons not to purchase a brand new wedding dress, other than it being more cost-effective. If you rent, you won’t have to worry about caring for the dress for years to come, taking it with you each time you move, or worry about it taking up space in your storage. Even if you buy used, you can always sell it after your big day.



Buy Secondhand Online


Here are a few popular online secondhand dress shops that connect you with past brides selling their wedding dress:








How Important is a Designer Wedding Dress to You? AZ - warehouse 215

Photo by Mike Olbinski


Buy Secondhand From a Local Store


Don’t Box it Bridals is a wedding consignment & outlet located in Phoenix, AZ. Shop Maggie Sottero or David Tutera at least 50% off retail!



wedding dress phoenix bride and groom

Photo by Edit Vasadi Denning


Rent From a Local Store


If you prefer to see the dress in person, Modest Gown Rental has a 4.8 rating on Wedding Wire and is located in Gilbert, AZ. Pricing ranges from $195 – $395 and includes gown, headpiece, veil, petticoat, corset, alterations, cleaning fees, and up to 5 consecutive days of use.

wedding dress local store rental phoenix

Photo found on Wedding Wire


Rent Online


Rent The Runway has become an increasingly popular clothing rental site, and they even have wedding dresses! For $125-$150 you can rent this lovely nha khanah Amber Gown with a retail price of $945.

wedding dress rental site

Photo found on Rent The Runway

Poshare.com offers a wide variety of stunning dresses for rent like this Adrianna Papell Tiered Silk Chiffon Gown for $99, with a retail price of $320.

wedding dress phoenix rent online

Photo found on Poshare.com


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