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How to Create The Ultimate Photo Booth

Photo booth

Photo by Aaron Kes

4 DIY Photo Booth ideas for your wedding

When it comes to wedding reception activities, photo booths are still at the top of everyone’s list! Here at Warehouse 215, we actually offer a photo booth with all of your props! But if you are looking for something different, there are lots of ways to DIY photo booths backdrops and accessories. You don’t need expensive equipment or have to buy a ton of stuff to make the perfect photo booth for your wedding. Let’s look at some ways to create a fun DIY photo booth that will have your guests entertained all night long!

1. Backdrops

The backdrop should frame your guests without drawing too much attention from them. We recommend keeping it simple with items like ribbons, flowers, curtains, or balloons. You can easily incorporate your wedding colors into your backdrop with any of these items.

backdrop flowers

Photo found on bustle.com

backdrop curtains

Image credit on pinterest.com

photo booth back drop

Photo found on bridestory.com


2. Lighting

It is important to keep lighting in mind around your photo booth. There are lots of affordable string lights, bistro lights or lanterns you can purchase. Also be sure if you have lights in the background, that you place lights in front of the camera as well, about eye level so the guests don’t appear too dark in the photos.

string lights

Image found on heavy.com

lamps & lantern

Photo credit on diyprojects.com

bistro lights

Image found on aliexpress.com


3. Props

Here’s where the fun begins! You can really personalize your photo booth with props, and provide as much variety as possible. It is extremely easy to DIY props like masks, jewelry, and signs. You can also purchase reasonably priced props at thrift stores, online or even Target (YAY Target!) Glasses, wigs, hats, or anything – the sky’s the limit.

Props sign

Photo credit on catherinemee.co.uk

Photo booth props frame

Image found on bridalore.com

Photo booth props

Photo credit on brides.com


4. Camera

There a few different options regarding how to take the pictures at the photo booth. If you have a camera and tripod, you can station a designated “photographer” at the photo booth throughout the evening to take the pictures. You could then email out all the photos that were saved on the memory card. You can provide polaroid’s or even make it a selfie station so guests can go home with their own pictures.

take a selfie

Photo from on inspirationsbyida.wordpress.com

newly wed selfie

Photo by Mike Olbinski Photography


If you are interested in learning more about the photo booth we offer, or if you just want additional information on the venue, we are always happy to assist!

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